The Agency’s Mission

The FIFA Agency’s mission is to provide retired athletes with post career representation, innovation,  opportunity, and technology  to generate supplemental retirement income while they help worthy non-profit causes.

The Agency

The FIFA Agency provides professional athletes with sponsors, technology, opportunity and a unique portfolio of proven non-traditional products that are sold and promoted by non-profits for fundraising.

We combine our brand partners with the likenesses and influence of our professional athletes to deliver the full power of sports marketing for the benefit of worthy causes and children.

The FIFA Agency, a division of Sportz Partnerz, is comprised of hundreds of  alumni and active professional legends from the FIFA, MLS, as well as, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, WWE, UFC, PGA and Nascar.

The past decade of conceptual design, product creation, successful testing, technology development, and contributor analytics have positioned The Agency as the de-facto leader in a new paradigm of fundraising. The Agency’s sports themed events, products, and programs have been designed to deliver desirable consumables and experiences that are far more profitable than archaic low margin programs, such as, cookies, candy and popcorn balls drives.

The benefiting organizations simply replace said undesirable examples with The Agency’s practical products and experiences.  Our logic is that having families simply reallocate a portion of their monthly consumables and entertainment dollars  they can save money and enjoy superior products,  all while supporting a worthy cause and children less fortunate than their own.

The programs and functions include things such as, FIFA Film Nights, Lunch w/ Legends, Pro Show Interactive Fan Experiences, and high quality products from our sponsoring partners.

The Agency Line-Up

Organizations that choose to work with The FIFA Agency benefit from hundreds of Professional Athletes, Agents, Lawyers, Sponsors, Media Partners, and the innovative proven portfolio of proprietary business products, systems, programs, and professional sports “fan experiences” that have been created for you and your organization.

Armando Palaez Co-Founder – C.E.O


Clint Dempsey

Co-Founder – C.O.O

US Olympian and The Greatest American in Footballer History.


Christopher Randolph

Co-Founder – President

Christopher Randolph, President/CEO of The Sportz Partnerz Agency, Founder GodSpeed Communications LLC, Proud Co Founder of The Sportz Dreamz Foundation and former CEO of Randolph Healthcare Corporation/The Randolph Companies was one of the original pioneers of the revolutionary discount health card industry in 1994-2002.

By 1997, Age 28, Chris acquired Healthcore Medical Solutions, a publicly traded NASDAQ (HMSI) competitor. Before Randolph Healthcare was sold in 2002, it was ranked as one of the top discount card providers in the nation. It also handled administration for some twenty competitors and a number of large insurance carriers. Randolph Healthcare was used by over 4.5 million employees of companies including West Communications, Kelly Services, Express Personnel, Westaff, Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) viewers, Hearst Publications, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, Nuskin, and Cendant. Christopher has and/or continues to consult with former competitors, including Gallagher Heffernan, USI Brokerage, UICI, and Anderson.

Original 2011 Player Roster of Sportz Partnerz – NFL Division (U.S.A)

Other 2011 Original Members Include

Aundre Reese, Kevin Williams, Charles Haley, Dixon Edwards, Everson Walls, Michael Downs, Darren Woodson, Joe King, Lincoln Coleman, Kenny Gant, Kevin Mathis, Jerald Sowell, Webster Slaughter, David Klingler, Doug Dawson, Mike Quinn, Ray Mickens, Kimble Anders, Marc Boute’, Kenny Davidson, Rob Moore, Ron McKinnon, Jamir Miller, Rodney Harrison, Larry Centers, Billy Joe Dupree, Mel Renfro, Joe Briggs, Thomas Everett and Broderick Thomas